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"Mundungus" means trash: it's the leftovers that don't fit in anywhere.

It's found objects - found in the street, found in a newspaper, found in your head: photographed, scanned, written (about) - it's all fine by me. This is your chance to make the world a better place, by sharing bits of it the rest of us missed.

Just do us all a favour, and don't post e-mail forwards or generally-available LiveJournal memes - we've seen them all before.

Contributions don't have to be pretty, but a bit of "Wow!" rather than "Ew...!" would be a bonus.

NOTE: please use the lj cut function - <lj-cut text="write a short description here"> - when posting multiple images.

However... flamers will not be tolerated. There are (presently) few restrictions on what can be posted here (other than the general legal LiveJournal restrictions), so there is no justifiable reason to flame anybody, either. If you've got nothing nice to say, please don't say anything. If I feel someone needs pointing in the right direction, I'll say so.

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